transportation fee markup, eh?


Note: this post by no means an attack to a particular group of people. What happened was the choice of an individual. It can be done by anyone regardless of gender, age, and occupations.

So a public transport car driver is given transportation fee by his passengers using ten thousand rupiah bills mid-journey. Seeing I was new to the area, he gave change money to everyone except me.

the ten thousand rupiah note
The ten thousand rupiah note.

I called this move 'transportation fee markup'.

But! Later a woman got into a car and after about five minutes asked the driver to stop the car with a stern face because the driver wouldn't comply.

"This <insert the name of a public installment here> is where I got off," she said, and upon hearing his answer, "I won't pay you! You stopped one-quarter kilometre further than my actual stop."

The public installment she mentioned was void of people. The installment where the driver eventually stopped was busier. It was known publicly that said public transport car drivers preferred to stop at busier places to attract more passengers.

She got down and really didn't pay him. The fee was more than the change money he didn't give to me. ;) Karma's a b*tch.

And yes, once I wrote something like this.