the downside of marriage life -- part four


My wife is weird... She begins every conversation with "Were you even listening to me?"
-- Blaze51019 --

I laughed (and still laugh, sometimes) at jokes about couples where the man won't listen to the woman. But then I experience some.

A man's brain part that accepts a girl's voice seem to degenerate once he's married to that girl. Repeating a piece of information three times doesn't guarantee that it will get through a man's skull. A married one, that is. And only if his wife's the one speaking.

So it happened that I put two pills on a saucer on the nightstand. One was pink. It contained B-12 vitamin. The other is green. It was GNC women's hair, skin & nails formula. I told my husband to take the pink one, the green one was for me (obviously).

gnc women
The green one.

Later when I wanted to take the green one, there's nothing on the saucer. I rushed to my husband only to find out that he had taken them both as the result of his habit of not listening to what I say.

... I can't say I didn't enjoy seeing his face after I told him the green one was for women only. Like he's afraid he would grow a pair of breasts or something. XD