unruly kids or unruly parents?


I just witnessed children's bad behavior escalated to a whole new level. During a movie, they utilize two mini-kentongans as swords and began running up and down the aisle, fighting.

Let me tell you about kentongan. A kentongan is a traditional noisy wooden instrument native to Javanese people that has can be used in many ways, none of them is to disturb movie-goers. It can be used as genre-specific music instruments, but it usually is used to alert people in the event of natural disasters, robbery, etc. If there's nothing wrong, night guards will just hit the kentongan to indicate the time of the night.

Yes you read that correct, there are parents who let their children slip into the cinema carrying things equivalent to loud alarm clocks that wake us up every morning. One for each child. One. For each child.

Whole cinema has been shooshing them to be quiet, but they do not listen. And no one of the parents got up from their seat to discipline their children.

What imb*cile parents bring their 4 and 5 years old, respectively, to watch a Taken sequel, anyway? It's a movie full of violence!

There were more or less 30 men and women who were harnessing ourselves from being completely savage to other people's children. Sitting among them, I had a strange idea to follow that stupid family home and make noises when those children are trying to watch their favorite show, as a revenge.