penguins of madagascar

penguins of madagascar

Isn't it an ill time to release this movie? Less than a month after the incident involving a seal and a penguin went viral, I mean.

And about that one seal in the North Wind team. It is a harpseal alright, don't harpseals feed on penguins like leopard seals do?

Also, North Wind? How does SQL Server's example database's name find its way up there?

the downside of marriage life -- part two

There are other drawbacks to married life that is similar to having a pet under your care. Being concerned over their abnormal bowel movements, for example. If they don't come home on time, we are worried they might encounter a problem with bullies from either species. Also when they are out of sight and hearing range, we are afraid they mate with unhygienic member of the opposite sex and will have to take them to veterinarians-slash-doctors to treat fleas or some STDs.

the downside of marriage life

So yesterday a rumor was developing that Pluto got declared a planet again.

Yesterday I also realized the downside of marriage life. Don't get me wrong, like all things in life, marriage has its fair share on upside and downside. Just want to write about the downside right now, though.

One of the downside of marriage life is you are confined to bed. Literally. At 4 am, with your energy steaming, waiting to explode, the only thing you do is laying there, staring at the ceiling because you're afraid of disturbing your spouse's sleep.

Which is okay if you don't have that sudden energy flow like, twice every three days. In my unwed days, I live as I want. I wash my clothes at 2 am, do some cleaning at 3.

I am also a writer. This link leads to one of my work, collaged online by someone. That piece was written at strange hours. If my spouse and I don't get separate bedrooms soon, either he will suffer from lack of sleep or I will be eaten alive by my own creative energy.

the end of printed matters

Last night I dreamed that bank denied my writer's check. I went to the publisher to see what's going on. My editor, standing in front of what seemed like a confiscation scene, explained to me that people don't read newspapers, books, etc anymore. People had turned into digital stuffs. Therefore they were closing the office.

guardians of the galaxy

Guardians of The Galaxy is overrated. It is nothing more than a talking raccoon, a greenish orphan girl from the Avatar planet, and a talking tree.

And a human. And that guy who takes things literally. I already regret judging movies by their trailer, now I regret watching movies by how often it's being mentioned in 9gag.


Microsoft's been in dispute with N-Computing since a long time ago, because this item can substitute a CPU without having to buy another copy of Windows.

Sometime later though, I think Microsoft won the case on the court, because N-Computing started removing their Q&A that stated that using their product would not make companies subject to copyright infringement by Microsoft, and started posting something like 'Must buy Windows <input type and version here> to use N-Computing'.

In October 2014 Microsoft enforce this through their Windows Update. If the main computer's Windows is updated, N-Computing will kick out any non-license-paying users.

The solution? Do not install the update starting from October 2014 and beyond! If it's already done, roll back using System Restore to any date before October 2014.