ebola and... we are living in a world like this

Kent Brantly is the first man to survive ebola virus. He gave thanks to God publicly, and soon after, media was criticizing him. Some went as far as stating that his speech was bizarre. In a mocking tone others responded to Kent's statement "I serve a faithful God who answers prayers" with "I guess God just ignored the prayers of all those thousands of people who died of Ebola, then."

We are now living in a world where praying people are scrutinized. The thing is, it is God's prerogative to decide who lives and who dies. Dr. Kent Brantly was spared from death. The cure for ebola is now found. Instead of wasting time questioning His decisions, why don't distribute said medicine to people who are infected?

mighty morphin power rangers

power rangers

Mecha TV series such as Power Rangers give us unrealistic expectations for problems to end in a given, finite time. Did you watch it when you were a kid? Rita Repulsa 'n Crew created a problem, five (or six, in latter episodes it's always six) rangers appeared, battle ensued, battle intensified, things were being supersized, battle was won by the rangers, all in one hour time lapse.

Or did you watch Kamen Rider Black RX? Same thing. It ends in one hour or one hour and half, depending on how many advertisements your TV station got.

But who can honestly, in their right adult mind, pointing to his/her problems and say, this problem will end in a week, that problem will end the day after tomorrow, that problem over there will end next hour?

maybelline crayon bow

I like its grey variant very much! Brown eyebrow pencils are so unnatural because my hair color is black, while black eyebrow pencils make my face look angry all the time. I bought grey from Maybelline last year, and I'm planning to use it all of my life (dramatic). Please don't discontinue this product ever!

dead cat

I had some english [sic] language lessons during my studies but I was a bad student. So my level is not good.
-- Learn English --

I had some Javanese language lessons during my studies but I was a bad student. So I'm not good at it.
-- me --

Depressing content alert: proceed at your own risk!

It happened about a year ago. My lover and I was going out of the house to fetch early dinner. The sun hadn't set, so it's not very dark.

At the end of the path lied a cat, not moving. Another cat was sitting nearby, watching idly. I remember asking my lover, why those cats are behaving strangely. But before I finished my sentence, he said that the cat that laid down was dead.

As we rode past it, I saw a small, dark pool near the dead cat's head. It was until sometime later it occurred to me that it was blood. The cat had been hit by a passing vehicle.

Unfortunately that image burnt into my memory. Image of that evening with weak sun-rays. The stillness of the dead cat. The stillness of its friend, perhaps seeing one of the many ways death dealt with its species.

step up: all in

step up all in

I'm getting more and more in love with the character portrayed by Adam Sevani, Moose. The first time I saw him was in Step Up 2, I think. He was wearing clothes that made us think his body must be skinny. But my, look at him somewhere between the middle and the end of that movie! He flashed us, although only through a mirror, his chiseled chest and belly.

And having a dance video in a high-voltage factory? Man, only a guy with a mad scientist kind of brain could write such impossible coreography! Wait, but that's what he was. What he portrayed, anyway. In the dance video. Yes, it was half-dance-half-theatrical act. Or maybe third-quarter-dance-a-quarter-theatrical act. But the dance was awesome. Kinda made me remember Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Alexandra Brava reminds me of Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games.

The dance in the boxer ring reminds me of The Godfather. Or Pulp Fiction. Which I have never seen either. But I'm sure I've ever read about that Italian mafia-style 'head in the bucket' thing somewhere.

And they all reminds me of how much, much, much I have loved dance. Maybe I still do.

God help me!


At this very moment, I am holding a brochure with a bare-tummied man on pagefront. It was an advertising for men. Rich men. Middle-aged rich men, seeing from what it had to offer: botox, mesotheraphy, testosterone and vitamin shots.

Strangely enough, it also offers hormone shots. What type of hormone? Human growth hormone.

In essence, this is war against aging and any bodily imperfections. With money as your ammunition. Hey, all is fair in love and war, right? ;)