you know what?

You know what I want to do right now? Curling on a king-sized spring bed, turning on an air conditioner, re-read Harry Potter series.

Let the world pass me by with its craziness...

No more work demands, no more pretend-courtesies with people like this one who said: "Another person told me I must have scored extremely low on IQ tests, so I will act accordingly from now on." Tell me people, what a civilized person supposed to say as a reply under such circumstances? It was not the first time she said something like that. The first time ("Someone accused me of being imbecile! Therefore I will deliberately be one!") I thought that the person who'd told her such thing must be a horrible person, but after two more incidents, I started to think that person must have his/her reasons saying so.

You know what? Forget it. I eventually grew tired of her sh*t and said "Whatever."

So now back to just bed. AC. Me. And JK Rowling's masterpiece.