lodeh bug for the first time

I ate a bug. No la. I ate lodeh bug by Bug Matira near Malang Train Station. It was a famous place among food tester community people. When my lover and I searched for this place, we almost gave up. The street number is not ascending nor descending, but random!

Well, not all are random. Some houses were lined numerically. But the bug lady's place (lame pun not intended) was not. Just when we were about to leave, I saw name sign of that place.

So, what are the composition of this famous meal? Rice, of course. And lodeh, unripe jackfruits cooked Madura style. Also serundeng. What made the meal unique was serundeng crackers. So they grated coconuts and dried them under the sun, and I dunno what other process done upon them until they became serundeng, and then processed some more to make them crisp.

But someone told me when another people went there, they served wintermelon lodeh instead of jackruit one. Some other time they served lodeh made of unripe papayas.