greece vs java

There are resemblances between Genderuwo and Zeus from Java and Greek mythology, respectively. Both like to seduce women into sexual intercourse by taking the form of whatever person or animal would most appeal to their victim.

But Zeus enjoys a better treatment than his hairy counterpart. Zeus was worshipped as a god, while genderuwos are only considered demons.

evil counter: ninety-eight... ninety-nine... one hundred!!

You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he's expecting to wake up.
-- The Matrix --

Oh God, help me. I thought I was evil. Turns out there are more evil in this world than in me.

water in the pond

water drop

Try talking to your heart
is like dropping water into the pond
Effective immediately
but only temporary
The surface has waves
only to be smooth
like a mirror again
-- me --

I was right. But I have never been this sad I was right.