Today google told me, that for my whole life, I've been doing a mistake. ... That is, mispelling 'procrastinate'. I had been spelling it 'proscratinate' whole time.

first times -- part two --

gan guo

There are many things I did for the first time in the recent year, and not all of them is told here.

I bought two sets of pierre cardin's undie. I bathed at two chinese-speaking cities. I ate gan guo (literal: dry pot). I watched Madura island from the air above.

I sold clothes via bbm. I tried disciplining a subordinate and failed.

First time in my life, only done in the recent year, if you know what I mean.

I'd like to mention that selling clothes via bbm requires A LOT of hardware requirements. Don't do it if you're lack of patience, either. It felt like having press caught a public figure after a night at the club. People are like paparazzi, they ask questions and won't let go.

There are many things I did for the first time in the recent year, and not all of them is good.

happiness is...

My cousin's wife likes to spend her money (which is a lot) on clothes. Whenever she's bored with a piece of clothing, she gives it to me. Sometimes it fits my body. Sometimes it doesn't. I bring those that don't fit to a tailor to have them mended.

Sometimes happiness is not having new things. Sometimes happiness is making better of what you already have.

read arabic phonetically

I'm curious why google translate doesn't provide 'read phonetically' feature for Arabic language, whereas such feature exists for other non-alphabet languages (Chinese, Japanese, Russian). Anyone knows?

forsaking delphi

I have been thinking for awhile why many programmers in mainland China stopped coding in Delphi altogether. Tonight it dawned on me, could it be because Delphi's code completion (Ctrl+ Space) conflicts with Chinese keyboard?

what is your excuse now?

Rome wasn't built in a day, but Prambanan Temple was. :D