ways of a heartbreak


And I listened to you. And I don't understand.
-- me --

I was heartbroken. Again.

It felt like a jab on your diaphragm. It felt like all your senses became clearer out of nowhere, almost two times as clear as it had used to be. And it's bad, coz you'd feel the jab on your diaphragm almost two times as painful.

I had difficulty breathing.

If your heart's ever broken, you'll know that the difficulty breathing has nothing to do with anything physical. Actually you can breath normally. Actually you DO breathe normally. But you're conviced to take the pain that would emerge had you stopped breathing.

Why would the body do such a thing, I have a theory. It's to divide the pain. If all pain should be carried mentally, one cannot resist. But divided between the heart and the body, it's still bearable.

It's interesting to observe things like this. If you're not in the position of having your heart broken, that is.