haven't been blogging for a long time

crabtree & evelyn

... Sorry about that. So what do I do while not blogging? Not much, really. I didn't get far with my Chinese language learning, nor did I do many useful things.

I tried to reread the whole Harry Potter saga but got stuck in The Order of the Phoenix, a.k.a the fifth book of the serie. I spent like, a month reading it. Umbridge's reign was not easy to read. I think she's even worse than Voldemort. Dunno why, for Umbridge never killed anybody and Voldemort's victim body count is plenty.

I've also been going around shopping malls trying new scents, for my current perfume, Issey Miyake's L'Eau d'Issey, is but a few more sprays now. I think it won't last till end of this month. Still I haven't bought anything. My favorite so far is Caribbean Island Wild Flowers by Crabtree & Evelyn. But they only have it as Eau de Toilette, which is too weak in projection and sillage for me. It's strange, because their other EDT, Somerset Meadow, has OK-ish sillage.

Caribbean Island Wild Flowers smelt like canned tomatoes to me. I also noticed a faint whiff of butter and walnut. Those three notes were not listed in Fragrantica when I browsed the internet later. Well, that's what makes perfumes exciting, right? No perfume will smell the same on two people.