so the day came...

first world problem

My ex-housemate and I have been planning to meet but didn't got the chance to do so for a long time. Until today.

We chatted about this and that, and suddenly she said she hadn't seen some of our mutual friends for years. I was surprised, those were her good friends.

"Everytime they ask me to go out with them, I refuse. They have now become very rich," she said: "I feel intimidated."

I nodded though I didn't actually share her view. We then talked about other things.

Going home I was very sad. Adult life has messed with us ore than we care to admit.



If I have a house with large lawns someday, I surely will get a malamute.

At first I couldn't differentiate between huskies and malamutes. The first time I saw a malamute was when I queued at my dentist's. His neighbour came driving and went into his own house while two big dogs looking at me through the rear car window. I was thinking, was a husky supposed to be that big? About the other dog, it was a pitbull or a boxer, his body was hidden behind his adoptive brother's, so I didn't get a clear look.

But then this breed came out under the spotlight, and then all of a sudden Youtube was full of their videos. Some were showing malamutes and huskies playing side-by-side. And the differences becae apparent.

Huskies are generally smaller than malamutes. Malamutes' fluffy tails strangely remided me of those of pomeranians', but enlarged with 5x zoom. Unlike malamutes (and pomeranians), huskies' tails do not arch above their bodies.

malamute vs husky
Like this.

While huskies have the infamous look of a dissatisfied, sour, middle-aged college teacher teaching Algebra, the expression on malamutes' faces are a lot warmer. Maybe it's due to their size. I am a sucker for large dogs. Looking at a malamute is almost like looking at a German shepherd cosplaying a husky. A fully grown up husky is about three-fourth of a malamute.

Or maybe it's due to Malamutes' faces are generally rounder than the huskies' ones.

One may also want to pay attention to the color of the eyes. If the dog's eyes are blue, it is a pure-breed husky. Malamutes' eyes are brown.

I still can't differentiate between husky and malamute puppies, though.

when you don't dot your i's and cross your t's

cross your t's

Your pen-friend suffers. Especially if he or she's not at the same language character system with you (e.g. you're Chinese-based while your friend is alphabet-based).

ask the forum
... and had to ask a forum full of your kind.

You wouldn't fare too well if you must read some text in Hanacaraka if the writer forgets some talingtarungs and pepets, would you?