red eyes writing experiment


My head is dizzy. I've eaten one too many sweets and now am experiencing some sugar rush. Combine that with lack of sleep and eagerness to write, only one word crosses my mind right now: interesting.

Interesting? Maybe not your choice of word. But I wanna wake up some hours from now reading what my brain told my fingers to type under this condition. I've read somewhere about an artist, or maybe there were more than one, who drew while under some drugs' effect. I've been wanting to conduct similar experience since, only without drugs.



This sentence is written three days (and three sleeps one nap) later than the last one. Actually that wasn't really the last one. I had to remove the part written after it. The now-alert me read it and decided it was too incoherent to put out on public. The topics changed every one or two sentences, from Google Image to pillow shams to meatballs to pinky fingers.

Interesting experiment, still. Maybe I'll do that again sometime in the future.