red eyes writing experiment


My head is dizzy. I've eaten one too many sweets and now am experiencing some sugar rush. Combine that with lack of sleep and eagerness to write, only one word crosses my mind right now: interesting.

Interesting? Maybe not your choice of word. But I wanna wake up some hours from now reading what my brain told my fingers to type under this condition. I've read somewhere about an artist, or maybe there were more than one, who drew while under some drugs' effect. I've been wanting to conduct similar experience since, only without drugs.



This sentence is written three days (and three sleeps one nap) later than the last one. Actually that wasn't really the last one. I had to remove the part written after it. The now-alert me read it and decided it was too incoherent to put out on public. The topics changed every one or two sentences, from Google Image to pillow shams to meatballs to pinky fingers.

Interesting experiment, still. Maybe I'll do that again sometime in the future.

the downside of marriage life -- part six

minang wedding

The husband and wife was visiting a local mall when the wife saw a chic bag. The wife asked the husband how much he thought the price of the bag was. "100K," the husband answered.

They had played this game countless times before. The wife would point at a particular item on display and had her husband told her how much he guessed its worth. She would buy the item only if the item turned out to be higher than her husband's guess.

Not that she needed her husband's permission to buy stuff. She just liked to buy things that looked more expensive than their actual price, thus the need for other people's estimation of the price.

However the longer men are into marriage, they tends to be less and less willing to let their partners spend money. So this particular husband learned to lower his guess. He did the trick well, to the point that his wife haven't bought anything in the last 50 guesses.

The wife could see behind his trick, but decided to play along, looking for the window of opportunity to open for her to jump and bust her husband. And opened was the window. 100K was a really small sum for a bag. She whipped out her purse and handed him the money. "You go to the shopkeeper right now and ask her to wrap the bag for me. Keep the change if it's lower than 100K. But if it's higher, you pay the rest."


The bag turned out to be five times of the husband's guess. It was 500K.