to google translate

to google translate

Google Translate now provides you with slower pronunciation of words. This helps a lot of people (well, at least it helped me) learning languages, for details can be observed better this way.

How to access it? Do the old pronunciation thing first, then hit the button once more to hear slower pronunciation.

sexy housemaids!

sexy maid

There's a joke I read earlier today, about a lady who told her maid: "Nora, I saw a policeman in the park today kiss a baby. I hope you will remember my objection to such things."

Nora answered, "Sure, ma'am, no policeman would ever think of kissing your baby when I'm around."


So this joke reminds me of an Indonesian TV series from the 90's called Inem The Sexy Housemaid, or its original Indonesian title, Inem Pelayan Seksi.

The story revolved around Inem, a widow who worked as a maid at the house of a middle-aged couple. Once when Inem was going out, she met his boss' boss (at the office). This man was smitten by her beauty. And in a way that resembled Cinderella, Inem dropped a handkerchief which was later taken by this superboss.

Except that the handkerchief was not Inem's. It was his daughter's handkerchief that Inem took before she went to the city working (Inem's hometown is in another town), to remind her of her. And the handkerchief has Inem's daughter's name, Sarah, sewn on it.

Normally Inem's boss' boss thought that the handkerchief was Inem's. He thought that Inem's name was Sarah. Later after a series of events, superboss visit Inem's boss house and the two met. They got married and took Sarah to stay with them.

Now it's happy and all, if we're not being shown the superboss, after getting the handkerchief, numerously took it out and put it on his chest while saying "Sarah... Sarah..."

He did it while thinking that Inem's name was Sarah, and in the privacy of his own house, but still... I can't imagine the toungue slip that would ensue and the awkwardness that follow: "Sarah my dear, you were so sexy in that apparel last night..."