wtf, brain?


There are two kinds of women: The fashionable ones and those who are comfortable.
— Tom P. Morgan —

I overheard one of my colleagues conversing with a man about the lack of signal of a mobile phone service provider they were using. This happens from time to time to all kind of mobile phone service providers where I live. Often the cause are some hardware fail on a BTS of theirs. Very third world-y, I know.

IDK what BTS stands for, manybe broadcaster something something. People who have no other BTSs within their phone's reach ends with zero signal.

Less than five minutes later I called my lover on his phone that happened to use said service provider. I had forgotten that the signal was zero in my (and his) area, and got upset when he didn't pick up the phone. In fact his voicemail was picking.

I spent another five minutes dialing like crazy and whole evening mad at myself after realizing I'm the one to blame.