korean tv series

korean tv series

My friends told me they loved Korean TV series a lot. Their reason was, Korean TV series were more realistic than their mainland Chinese, HK, Taiwan and Japanese counterparts.

I must admit that I only have watched five-ish Korean TV series my whole life. Two of them were not very realistic in my opinion, but it was maybe due to the genre. The rest three were bold. They didn't sugarcoat things.

Miss Kim's A Million Dollar Quest, for example. While TV series from Taiwan are known to show pretty girls expressing mostly elegant, princessy behavior on screen (Romantic Princess etc), A Million Dollar Quest shows a relative of its main character doing minor exercise on screen while conversing with other people, which is not becoming a point at all. People she's conversing with didn't seem to pay attention to it, and very soon the scene was over.

Rain did that too in It's A Beautiful Life, when goofing around with his fellow construction workers. More exposure this time, because that's the point of the scene.

Now, in Chinese TV series, can you imagine the character that Angela Chang played doing a kind of chicken dance exercise while conversing with other characters and they brush it off with 'no big deal' attitude, or without the camera exploiting her act?

Angela Chang
This is Angela Chang.

My friends told me Korean TV series were more realistic than their mainland Chinese, HK, Taiwan and Japanese counterparts, and I agree with them sans certain genres.

wtf, brain?


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I overheard one of my colleagues conversing with a man about the lack of signal of a mobile phone service provider they were using. This happens from time to time to all kind of mobile phone service providers where I live. Often the cause are some hardware fail on a BTS of theirs. Very third world-y, I know.

IDK what BTS stands for, manybe broadcaster something something. People who have no other BTSs within their phone's reach ends with zero signal.

Less than five minutes later I called my lover on his phone that happened to use said service provider. I had forgotten that the signal was zero in my (and his) area, and got upset when he didn't pick up the phone. In fact his voicemail was picking.

I spent another five minutes dialing like crazy and whole evening mad at myself after realizing I'm the one to blame.