children ear piercing

Prettiness is essential in a girlfriend. Another basic requirement for a girlfriend is ability to groom oneself. Cooking skills in a girlfriend is also neat. But the most important thing is, those three girlfriends never meet each other.
-- a joke that circulates on the internet --

My ears were pierced when I was a baby. Now before you scream child abuse, piercing female babies' ears was (and still is) a widely accepted practice where I come from. Most go nicely, but mine were problematic later. It turned out the holes were too high. I couldn't wear certain types of earrings: french backs, lever backs, latch backs.

types of earrings
Pictured from left to right: french back, latch back, lever back.

That's why, at the age of 16-ish, my parents took me to be pierced twice more, both below original holes. These turned out not OK either. The angle of the hole punched on me was not acute enough, it looked bad when I wear stud earrings.

Now there's a war inside my head. One voice says I should go get my ears pricked one more time. The other urges me to wrap it up and call it a day?