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... "I like onions on my hamburger"... that person gets you a burger and all it is, is an onion slapped between two hamburger buns... Yes, a woman may want a guy who treats her well. But that doesn't mean that every guy who treats her well will just automatically get a date.
-- Lauren Campbell's answer to Why do some women say they want a man who treats them right but then when someone who come around they deny them? --

During our group discussion on WhatsApp, a friend of me stated that she's afraid to open her morning paper for she didn't want to read either Dahlan or Ahok was being shot to death by a hitman.

This was about a year ago, when Dahlan Iskan was still working as a politician. Both were hated, openly and secretly, by their rivals, those that are regarded by many Indonesian commonners as corrupt politicians.

Later Dahlan chose another path outside of politics, and Ahok rose to power as Jakarta's incumbent governor.

So are they really 'clean' politicians? Dahlan was accused of corruption a few months ago, but media sided with him, like most of commonners do. Or should I say, most commonners do because media sided with him?