i challenge you

windows defender

What is more unfortunate as a person with a name that is considered unique in your country, working in a group of massive companies of which computers are interconnected, than to have IFrameRefI virus spread from your computer?

Add to that naming your computer with XXX-PC, where XXX is your name.

What exactly does this virus called IFrameRefI do? It assumes the name of the source computer, dabs '.eml' on its end, then duplicates itself into different folders. On that computer and on every other computers that are within reach of the infected computer, a.k.a all commputers in the network. Suddenly all computer bearers in said group of companies know your name, and not in a good way.

Note: You can take it down with Windows Defender bootable. I will write about it later, when I'm not too busy digging a hole under my desk hiding myself hoping to just disappear.