of forgiveness and saw 3

saw 3

So someone asked in a forum "What is the one movie that you have seen that has changed your way of thinking?"

As strange as it may seem, mine is one of the Saw series. Saw 3. The one with rotten pigs juice in it.

Quoting sawfilms wikia: Hanging from a conveyor-like bar, emerged numerous rotting pig corpses. Each pig was dropped into the silo with the saw blades and grounded up, leaving the large amount of thick grey liquid remains to pour down a chute into the silo containing the judge, gradually filling the silo. More dead pigs were pulled in on the rotating chain and dropped, one after the other, into the saws. Soon, enough pigs had been liquefied to fill the silo nearly enough to drown Judge Halden.

The guy who had killed the protagonist's child hadn't get fair punishment on Judge Halden's court. The protagonist, Jeff, was given the choice to save the judge or not. Saving the judge meant he had to jump into the silo, full of unappetizing pork soup with horrible aroma.

saw 3

So how did this change my way of thinking? IMO Jeff could have avoided being in that mess (and much, much more mess later, you'll understand once you watch the movie) had he forgiven his child's killer, the judge, and basically everyone in the screwed-up court system earlier.

Forgiving is not an easy business even when your loved ones are safe, and certainly not when they are hurt. But life's kinda like Jigsaw in the sense that withholding forgiveness is like piling more and more rotting pig carcasses on one's head while he/she stand in a silo. You keep doing that, you'll drown in the soup.