appealing to target market, eh?

kacang hijau

Note: this post by no means an attack to a particular group of people. What happened was the choice of an individual. It can be done by anyone regardless of gender, age, and sexual preferences.

So a colleague was promoted to an important position at job. He treated everyone at my department with a fried food. Later a female colleague of mine came to me wearing a strange expression on her face.

crispy banana
the fried food

"List the food you got from <insert the name of promoted colleague here>" she said, and upon hearing my answer, "I knew it! He gave our male colleagues one item more than the female counterparts."

The item she mentioned was a kind of sweet soup native to our country. My female friends and I did not receive that soup. It was known publicly that said promoted colleague was gay, and single.

I called this move 'appealing to target market'.