dragon blade

dragon blade

Am I the only one here who thinks that John Cusack in this movie looks like Russel Crowe in Gladiator?

Also... Am I the only one here who thinks that the missing tooth of the boy who played as Publius is annoying? I mean it's not a big deal, but it tickled me everytime I saw him opening his mouth.

And... Am I the only one here who thinks that Jackie Chan being a hipster for still acting as someone girls' love interest despite other actors his age stopped doing that a while ago? And being a great one at hipstery, too, for having not only one love interest, but two, with one of the girls opened her clothes for him to see!

printing to epson t20 from ubuntu

epson pips download

With the risk of making this blog looks like a tech blog, I will show you how to print to Epson Stylus T20 from Ubuntu.

My Ubuntu is a fresh installation of version 10, so first I have to install PIPS. Pips can be downloaded from Epson website, but what is PIPS? On their own words, Photo Image Print System for Linux (hereafter "PIPS") is a printer driver (filter) for high quality printing from Linux using a Seiko Epson color inkjet printer. On mine, PIPS is something you install to avoid 'pips-wrapper' error during installation and 'scheduler could not execute a filter' error later when you try to operate the Epson printer.

However, currently Epson does not list Ubuntu. They only list Fedora 9, Mandriva 2008.1, and openSUSE 10.3.

epson pips download
Who needs all languages in the world when my operating system is not listed?

I settled for Fedora 9. Extracting the downloaded file to a folder on my Desktop, I open the terminal and login as root. I installed the .install file using './' command. That's it for PIPS. But the job is not over yet.

Go to System > Adm (Administrative? Sorry can't remember) > Printing > Add. Choose the type of the printer, Epson T20, forward, forward, finish. This time you're really done for. :D