unruly kids or unruly parents? -- part two


... Who knows that the chance to take revenge came real soon? But at that time I decided not to seize the opportunity! :(

The 7 Dwarfs is an animated movie of which plot wasn't thought througouhly, I suspect. A main character that's so awkward to the point that it became annoying. Inconsistent drawing style. Stereotypes. Lame joke. Add to that slow pace. And I mean slooow I could just sleep on my chair.

But you know what? About half of people in the cinema were adults. Seeing from experience, I'd anticipate at least some children whines now and then, and if I got lucky, one or two top-of-the-lungs screams.

... Instead I experience silence. Peace. Not a single mouth spoke. They are too mesmerized by the jolly characters on screen.

Yes children can behave when it's a show dedicated to THEM, not some R-rated or PG-13 movies.

... I still regret not getting back to the kids by covering the projecting window on the back with a gum or something. >:)