the downside of marriage life

So yesterday a rumor was developing that Pluto got declared a planet again.

Yesterday I also realized the downside of marriage life. Don't get me wrong, like all things in life, marriage has its fair share on upside and downside. Just want to write about the downside right now, though.

One of the downside of marriage life is you are confined to bed. Literally. At 4 am, with your energy steaming, waiting to explode, the only thing you do is laying there, staring at the ceiling because you're afraid of disturbing your spouse's sleep.

Which is okay if you don't have that sudden energy flow like, twice every three days. In my unwed days, I live as I want. I wash my clothes at 2 am, do some cleaning at 3.

I am also a writer. This link leads to one of my work, collaged online by someone. That piece was written at strange hours. If my spouse and I don't get separate bedrooms soon, either he will suffer from lack of sleep or I will be eaten alive by my own creative energy.