secret meeting acknowledged by rajasa and (former?) political opponent

“We can be different [in political stance] but we don’t [have to] stop saying hello to each other. What’s wrong with me having silaturahim with Jokowi after the [presidential] competition?” Hatta said.
-- Hatta admits 'secret' meeting with Jokowi, denies political negotiations --

Meanwhile, Jokowi was being evasive, saying that Rajasa and himself only met for the sake of sweet tooth. Or more like salty tooth, because they met to eat lemper. Lemper is an Indonesian dish made of glutinous rice filled with chicken. Wikipedia explains it better than I do: The meat filling is rolled inside the rice, in a fashion similar to an egg roll; this is in turn rolled and wrapped inside a banana leaf, oil paper, plastic sheet or tinfoil to make a packet ready for serving. Lemper are most often seen as snacks, but may sometimes be served as appetizers as well.

Little is heard from Prabowo Subianto, Rajasa's teammate in 2014 presidential election.