step up: all in

step up all in

I'm getting more and more in love with the character portrayed by Adam Sevani, Moose. The first time I saw him was in Step Up 2, I think. He was wearing clothes that made us think his body must be skinny. But my, look at him somewhere between the middle and the end of that movie! He flashed us, although only through a mirror, his chiseled chest and belly.

And having a dance video in a high-voltage factory? Man, only a guy with a mad scientist kind of brain could write such impossible coreography! Wait, but that's what he was. What he portrayed, anyway. In the dance video. Yes, it was half-dance-half-theatrical act. Or maybe third-quarter-dance-a-quarter-theatrical act. But the dance was awesome. Kinda made me remember Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Alexandra Brava reminds me of Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games.

The dance in the boxer ring reminds me of The Godfather. Or Pulp Fiction. Which I have never seen either. But I'm sure I've ever read about that Italian mafia-style 'head in the bucket' thing somewhere.

And they all reminds me of how much, much, much I have loved dance. Maybe I still do.

God help me!