r-driver iii

This amazing device changes any hard disk, be it 2.5" IDE, 3.5" IDE, 5.25" IDE or SATA into portable hard disk you can access using USB 2.0 interface. The same goes for disk drive, from normal CD-Rom or DVD-Rom into portable!

Okay now I sound like a computer store salesperson. =_=

rawon majapahit


Sidoarjo's most popoular rawon maker has a unique policy: whatever dish you're having apart from rice and rawon soup, you pay all the same. Empal (Indonesian beef cuisine) is of the same price with perkedel, omelette, etc. Normally empal costs a lot more than mere perkedel.

men who dress well

Of course gays dress well...They didn't spend all that time in the closet for nothing :)
-- KaylaBayla --

I know a man who dressed well, and he wasn't gay. There are two possibilites then, he maybe a closeted bisexual (not gay, since he's having wife and children and still actively chasing girls out of wedlock), or he's taking advices from a gay friend.

dawn of the planet of the apes

... holds second position in the list of movies I've watched with least human words. What movie holds first position? Wall-E, of course!

About DotPotA, there's something in this movie that doesn't sit right with me. After a coup against their leader (also an ape), apes attacked a human colony and made them prisoners. Some humans were able to ask for help from another place by radio, though.

In the meantime, the couped leader succeeded in returning to throne after having a duel with his couper. His guards freed human prisoners. Then a human told that peace-loving ape leader that a human troop was coming to help people there and that apes should run.

That ape king's answer astonished me. He implied that they couldn't return to their old home for fear that they would be hunted down. He said, "Humans will not forgive."

This movie is a tongue in cheek toward humanity. I think he was right. Even though it wasn't his fault, humans wouldn't care. For us humans, it's better safe than sorry, so he would be eliminated without second thought should we ever capture him. We humans would not listen to a small number of us who're trying to explain the truth. We would bully that small amount, call them crazy and incinerate them if needed. Most of all we would not forgive.

Or would we?

Note to self: find out how many apes are needed to change a light bulb. Your light bulb.

you know what?

You know what I want to do right now? Curling on a king-sized spring bed, turning on an air conditioner, re-read Harry Potter series.

Let the world pass me by with its craziness...

No more work demands, no more pretend-courtesies with people like this one who said: "Another person told me I must have scored extremely low on IQ tests, so I will act accordingly from now on." Tell me people, what a civilized person supposed to say as a reply under such circumstances? It was not the first time she said something like that. The first time ("Someone accused me of being imbecile! Therefore I will deliberately be one!") I thought that the person who'd told her such thing must be a horrible person, but after two more incidents, I started to think that person must have his/her reasons saying so.

You know what? Forget it. I eventually grew tired of her sh*t and said "Whatever."

So now back to just bed. AC. Me. And JK Rowling's masterpiece.

life is not easy

Life is not easy.
-- a Chinese friend --

Today once again some parents decided to bring their kids to watch movies. Which is super-OK if they don't:
1. Disturb other people with sounds they make with their mouths.
2. Disturb other people with movements they make with their limbs.

Seriously parents, what is wrong with you? A little discipline won't kill your kids. Other people are paying real cash to watch this movie!

If you say 'let kids be kids', flash news for you parents, life is not getting easier. If you don't discipline them while they are young, somewhere later in their life someone else authoritative will, and usually in a hard way. Possibly a boss or supervisor. Let's just hope it's not some law enforcement force.