teeth brushing

My colleagues know this habit of mine, that is before doing some really important job, I have to brush my teeth.

The thing is, I can concentrate more if my mouth feels clean. This habit started a few years ago, when I started saving for having my braces. You know the book 'The Secret', it was true, I started acting like I already had the braces e.g brushing my teeth after meals, and in a few months I actually had them, quicker than I thought I could do. And that habit stands strong even though the braces were off.

I think Meutya Hafid can relate to me. In her book '168 Hours Taken as A Hostage: Memoirs of a Journalist in Iraq', this reporter wrote that she needed to wash her face and brush her teeth before conveying a message in front of the camera.

I know someone who was in struggle for having nice breath all the time. He kept Listerine by his side. The problem is, long-time-usage of Listerine makes people have sore throats. Well, at least it does on me. And him. He coughed a lot. I told him to dump Listerine but he wouldn't listen to me. Like telling a middle-aged man to dump his hobby of inviting prostitutes over, really.


The recipe of fresh breath is easy, even though you don't have the luxury of time (and circumstances) to brush your teeth. Just use toothpaste like you use Listerine.

This, I haven't told him yet.