tutu skirt -- part two

This obsession over tutu skirts started at about ten years ago. Other girls with slimmer bodies were wearing them as latest fashion, and this ugly duckling was just staring at them.

Then I wanted to tailor one but no more shops sold them because it was out of fashion. But then it was in fashion again, maybe two years ago. And I kept cancelling to have one tailored for me because I thought it wouldn't fit my age.

Then it almost went out of fashion when I saw Strawberry employees wore neon pink tutu skirts. Then I realized tutu skirts are my true love, and I had to, I just had to, have one (or several).

tutu skirt


I had wanted a tutu skirt for like, forever. Due to my body size it was impossible, until a few weekends ago. I was taking a stroll at PTC mall when I saw this sale on clothes.

I came near and took two skirts from their hanger. At first I was skeptical those will fit on me. But then, one fitted! Even better, it was the tutu skirt!

It was a beautiful nude colored tutu skirt with a layer of lace topmost. Actually I wanted all-black all-tule tutu skirt, but hey, this one had exceeded my expectations! I couldn't stop smiling for a while after. :D

I love PTC! A few years ago when I was much bigger I also found a swimming suit there!

gondhol meatball for the first time

Last month I went to Malang. The city was situated on rather high plains, on the slopes of a mountain, so the streets are hilly, naturally. Following a reccomendation from a colleague, I had pork meatball for lunch.

The place was actually named after its owner, Mr. Gondhol, but due to people spelling it wrong all the time, he relented and placed a big banner in front of it, calling the place Gundul's.

haven't i

Why do you keep haunting me, my past mistake? Haven't I paid you enough to go away? I even paid you enough to go across the ocean, find a good Chinese manufacturer, and open a successful online shop from there!

i'd never thought

... I would do something like that. Once I saw a woman did it with a man and I thought she had lost her mind. But then I was doing exactly what she did. The stupidity. The non-repenting. And so the rain was pouring.

... when I hopped behind him on a motorcycle. I held my open umbrella with one hand. As the wind is getting stronger I was forced to hold it with both hands. So stupid, right? To think that the wind almost blew me away!


What was it you thought I did?


Do you know that eating dragonfruits, the purple ones, could cause your dump (and pee) purplish red? Almost like you're peeing blood. My friend experienced this for the first time about two years ago. At that time dragonfruits were not as vastly known as it is today. She said her heart almost stopped looking at the toilet bowl when was about to flush.

I, being an airhead I was, experienced the same mini heart-attack after forgetting said friend's warning when she saw me eating a purple dragonfruit for the first time.

running out of ideas

I want to blog about... actually, dunno. Lately I've been writing more often than I used to, so now I kind of running out of things to say.

Let's take it easy this time, shall we?