pizza hut

Last night I dreamt I went to Pizza Hut for late dinner with my lover. It was near closing time, written clearly on our waitress' face. I ordered anyway. It was a package that costed me more than six hundred thousand rupiahs. I know, I know, it's a h*lluva lot of money, but it was just a dream, besides, it's my dream, I have every right to spend whatever sum of money in my dreams! :D

The package turned out to be incomplete. One meal was not served, they ran out of it. When I confronted that waitress, she said something that offended me.

I then demanded to see the manager. She apologized profusely and gave me a gift as token of sincerity. It was a short white dress with some gems on its chest strap. The meal was also replaced with another meal -- now it's strange, but at that time it wasn't strange at all -- rice with Javanese style fried chicken.

Then a mall security guard came. Apparently this Pizza Hut was inside a shopping mall, and it was past closing time. I was surprised when my lover pointed at the clock. It was already 1 at night!