horse meat for the first time

horse meat

The place belonged to Mr Eksan. He sold all kinds of satay: horse meat, mushroom, escargot. Horse meat there was also found in meatball and krengsengan. There was also deep fried crunchy escargot.

Okay, escargot was not an alien to me, but horse meat was. I ordered horse meat satay. Mr Eksan's had it smothered in soy sauce and peanut-sugar sauce.

So how was it? It tasted so much similar to mutton.

Location? Near 2nd Kandat Junior High School. Price? 19 thousand rupiahs.

satay: Indonesian food. Its spelling varies from satay, sate, to satai. Basically chopped grilled meat on a stick a.k.a skewers.
krengsengan: Indonesian food. Chopped meat cooked in soy sauce and dunno what other ingredients.