a spoon of god

Thelma for "Mankind" to think that a duty identifies them as a child of God... is a shaky ground to walk on... I have seen many who have stopped being devoted to serve God's people because the position they held was given to another.
-- A Spoon of God --

Yes I am a narcissist. But God spoke to me using that weakness of mine, too. I was googling myself when this book excerpt of Didi Brown's dropped dead called my name.

I personally think this author needs a better editor, because there are sentences that can better convey his (her?) messages. He didn't use punctuations when needed, he used capitals at wrong places, some punctuations are not necessary... Nevertheless one message came through to me. It was something that happened many years ago. I was surprised God still wanted to talk about it, when I had already forgotten.

That many years ago God was silent.

Why now?

To say I stopped serving God's people after a position I held was taken from me was exaggerating, but indeed my service has been a lot less vigilant since. I even got into things I never dreamt of doing when I was still in that position, but that's another story.

Why now?

When I have lost contact with most of the people in my past?

Why now?

After I held not-so-nice rapport on God's line of work in my hand?

Why now?

What are You planning to do, God?