same pants

I am very happy to see fashion blogger Cheesie Ringo Tan wore the same pants that I have.

Feels like my fashion sense was affirmed or something. :D

infants and puppies

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a gifted 18th Vienesse composer whose works remain highly influental with sleeping infants.
-- TL;DR Wikipedia --

-- me --

My lover had a three-days-two-nights encounter with four German shepherd puppies. He has been talking about them everyday since. About them licking him, about them trying to climb his feet, about them following him a lot, about their ankles that seemed too big for their little bodies, about their ever-wagging tails, about them waiting for him to feed them...

I'm afraid my place will be taken by those pups. :[

pizza hut

Last night I dreamt I went to Pizza Hut for late dinner with my lover. It was near closing time, written clearly on our waitress' face. I ordered anyway. It was a package that costed me more than six hundred thousand rupiahs. I know, I know, it's a h*lluva lot of money, but it was just a dream, besides, it's my dream, I have every right to spend whatever sum of money in my dreams! :D

The package turned out to be incomplete. One meal was not served, they ran out of it. When I confronted that waitress, she said something that offended me.

I then demanded to see the manager. She apologized profusely and gave me a gift as token of sincerity. It was a short white dress with some gems on its chest strap. The meal was also replaced with another meal -- now it's strange, but at that time it wasn't strange at all -- rice with Javanese style fried chicken.

Then a mall security guard came. Apparently this Pizza Hut was inside a shopping mall, and it was past closing time. I was surprised when my lover pointed at the clock. It was already 1 at night!

a spoon of god

Thelma for "Mankind" to think that a duty identifies them as a child of God... is a shaky ground to walk on... I have seen many who have stopped being devoted to serve God's people because the position they held was given to another.
-- A Spoon of God --

Yes I am a narcissist. But God spoke to me using that weakness of mine, too. I was googling myself when this book excerpt of Didi Brown's dropped dead called my name.

I personally think this author needs a better editor, because there are sentences that can better convey his (her?) messages. He didn't use punctuations when needed, he used capitals at wrong places, some punctuations are not necessary... Nevertheless one message came through to me. It was something that happened many years ago. I was surprised God still wanted to talk about it, when I had already forgotten.

That many years ago God was silent.

Why now?

To say I stopped serving God's people after a position I held was taken from me was exaggerating, but indeed my service has been a lot less vigilant since. I even got into things I never dreamt of doing when I was still in that position, but that's another story.

Why now?

When I have lost contact with most of the people in my past?

Why now?

After I held not-so-nice rapport on God's line of work in my hand?

Why now?

What are You planning to do, God?

300, israel-style -- part two

baby spiders

Gideon's journey with God put him in many confrontations with his biggest weakness. Every time the challenge increased until it got to the point of getting ridiculous. It feels like after you tell your therapist you have a spider phobia, he ties you to his chair and throws five pails full of spiders to you! Exposure method. Only in a radical way. Much, much more radical way.

My heart went to Gideon as I read his story. God's treatment to me wasn't very different. I bet toward you He also won't differ much.

My suggestion? While on The Highest Therapist's chair, make sure you close your mouth so no spider can crawl in.

300, israel-style

Gideon, ever heard of him? Sometime before David was king, but after Moses splitted Red Sea, angel of God visited Gideon and said, "Save Israel from the hand of the Midianites." Israelites had sought refuge to the mountains because Midianites opressed them. For years, after Israel had sown some seeds, the Midianites came and destroyed the growth. In fact, when the angel came, Gideon was camouflaging a winepress to hide it from the Midianites.

First sign of inferiority complex that kept occuring throughout his story was shown in his answer: "Werewith shall I save Israel?" He said he was the least in his family, and his family is poor in his tribe. Probably from the corner of his eye he saw his father's grove next to an altar for Baal and thought (but didn't say), 'Why not choose someone whose whole family worship God?'

Maybe God caught his glance. "Cut down that grove!"

I almost can hear Gideon murmured from four-digits years ago: 'My father's soooo gonna kill me...'

He cut the grove down nonetheless. Thankfully his father didn't desire to kill him afterwards. But his fellow citizens did. Whole town marched to his house, demanding that he be killed.


In my life I have made mistakes. And sometimes they were too grave a question popped up in my head 'What have I done?' And the question repeated itself over and over again. I wonder did the same question rolled over Gideon's one. How many people are in his city? Surabaya has more than 3 million people as per 2012. Even if Gideon didn't have that question initially, eventually he would. Perhaps not from himself. It's possible that after seeing all those people, his family members chanted it toward him like a mantra: "What have you done-what have you done-what have you done. What have you done-what have you done-what have you done..."

Don't worry, he slipped from this unscathed. But his relief was short-lived. The Midianites took their allies, the Amalekites and people from the east to made camp on Jezreel Valley, preparing to wage war against Israel. I don't know how Gideon went from a criminal to a hero suddenly, maybe because of his lineage. He was recruiting men in respond to the threat.

Modern Jizreel Valley is said to be 380 square kilometers. The Bible said they filled the land, their amount was enourmous, like grasshoppers on crops. Let me repeat the words for you: they filled the land approx. 380 square kilometres. Their amount was enourmous. Their amount was like grasshoppers on crops. The Bible also stated that the amount of their camels was uncountable, like sand on beaches.

And amount of people Gideon could recruit? 32 thousands. Aand... the angel of God came and told Gideon to lessen that amount. At this point I wonder if Gideon was raised strictly, for he wasn't foul-mouthing when he heard what the angel said. The amount of his people was already so tiny compared to the enemy!

Nonetheless he ordered those who felt afraid to go home. He was left with only ten thousand people. At this point it wouldn't surprise me if some people in his army doubted Gideon's sanity. "Did you hear? He once chopped down his father's grove." 'No way! The one with altar for Baal?' "Yes he did! My cousin's friend was his uncle! Scared the whole family when an angry mob came to their house!" 'Was he out of his good mind? Oh I know, he was out of his mind when he chopped down Baal's grove, he is out of his mind again now! Lessening the amount of our army? We are doomed!'

Or intentions. "After the number's so small, I think he intends to run away!" 'That can be the case! Because he was afraid to admit that we couldn't win! We are doomed!'

Or leadership skills. "Guy's motivational speech backfired huh? Intended to inspire our army but left with less than half?" 'We are doomed!'

Aaand... the angel came again. Out of all words that can be uttered, he said that Gideon's men were still too many.

XD Help, I can't breathe.

Gideon did not utter a bad word. Gotta admire his self control, really! He lessened his men to 300 only.

Later, only after two obedient responses to God's commands, Gideon had it that his enemy killed each other in confusion that came from God. Long story short, Gideon won the war.

horse meat for the first time

horse meat

The place belonged to Mr Eksan. He sold all kinds of satay: horse meat, mushroom, escargot. Horse meat there was also found in meatball and krengsengan. There was also deep fried crunchy escargot.

Okay, escargot was not an alien to me, but horse meat was. I ordered horse meat satay. Mr Eksan's had it smothered in soy sauce and peanut-sugar sauce.

So how was it? It tasted so much similar to mutton.

Location? Near 2nd Kandat Junior High School. Price? 19 thousand rupiahs.

satay: Indonesian food. Its spelling varies from satay, sate, to satai. Basically chopped grilled meat on a stick a.k.a skewers.
krengsengan: Indonesian food. Chopped meat cooked in soy sauce and dunno what other ingredients.