tricky robbery


Two days ago my friend's house get robbed. There were not any casualties. It was done in stealth, although we think the robber was armed, it was not an armed robbery. It went on like this: that noon, my friend was not at home. Her husband and baby were also out of the house. The only person left in the house is their housemaid.

Came some men in disguise of cable repairman. The maid let them go in. They proceeded to do some technician-y thing behind the TV, then they told the maid they needed to pull a cable up to the roof. The maid showed them a hole on the ceiling or they managed to poke a hole themselves, I was not clear, but then like 90's action movies they located main bedroom. After reaching main bedroom they poked a hole on the ceiling again and enter that room from above.

My friend (and her maid) was not aware of the deeds until later that night when my friend returned home. She lost i-Pad and some cash. The robbers, in search of valuables, turned her bedroom into a mess.