Lately I'm having constipation. It is one day without, one day within. Those that comes out is twice as much, since there's nothing came out the day before. I wonder what causes this. I cannot afford to go to doctor for every trivial matter concerning my body function.

the bribe

I am not at my best condition. I screwed up, and when I tried to fix it, things got nasty pretty quick and out of control. I must admit I held grudge toward some people who made things difficult for me. Yet in the end I chose to forgive. Not because I was so kind-hearted or because their faults were trivial. It's because God told me to forgive. The thing is, I want God to allow me one chance. Getting out of this trouble is so important to me, I don't care what it takes. If I can kinda bribe Him by forgiving others, so be it.

You hear me, God (and my readers). Put me in a powerful position, it's okay. I won't revenge those people. Please help me.

hey chica

This new favorite workout song of mine was sung by Kiana Brown. First time hearing it, I was watching The Smurfs 2 with my lover. This song is the soundtrack of said movie. The song conveys the message of a girl being modern, pretty, and a little rebelious, just like Smurfette in that movie. Listen to the song, you will love it instantly! :D

facing your giants

When I read this book's excerpt on Max Lucado's site, I thought "Who on earth can write a whole book about that battle between David and Goliath?" That battle, however famous, cannot fill a whole book.

... Or can it?

But turns out there were other giants beside Goliath David had to face! Want to know who they are? Read the book! ;)

tricky robbery


Two days ago my friend's house get robbed. There were not any casualties. It was done in stealth, although we think the robber was armed, it was not an armed robbery. It went on like this: that noon, my friend was not at home. Her husband and baby were also out of the house. The only person left in the house is their housemaid.

Came some men in disguise of cable repairman. The maid let them go in. They proceeded to do some technician-y thing behind the TV, then they told the maid they needed to pull a cable up to the roof. The maid showed them a hole on the ceiling or they managed to poke a hole themselves, I was not clear, but then like 90's action movies they located main bedroom. After reaching main bedroom they poked a hole on the ceiling again and enter that room from above.

My friend (and her maid) was not aware of the deeds until later that night when my friend returned home. She lost i-Pad and some cash. The robbers, in search of valuables, turned her bedroom into a mess.

3 days to kill

3 days to kill

With the same screenwriter as Taxi has, 3 Days to Kill sure shares some of its hilarious jokes. The story evolves around a dying man who needs to be a hitman for a certain woman in exchange of medication for his terminal cancer. His tasks are getting more and more complicated as the family he had abandoned, whom he contacted with reconciliation in mind prior to his meeting with this injection woman, come in his way.

This movie also has some surreal scenes, as seen through main character's eyes, while he is fighting side effects of the medicine. But maybe it is reality. I don't know. His employer is a very strange yet beautiful woman. I personally love her style when she wears that white-blode wig. She shows profusely that she is attracted to the main character. But she is probably a bisexual for arranging a cabaret turning into striptease show in her place. But again, maybe the striptease is just main character's hallucination.