stop trying to get closure from people

There is an old Indonesian song, its lyrics being translated to English say as follows:
"Why did you go away? Why did you let me down? Why did you destroy... I am asking for an (your) answer with a hollow feeling."

So many people (if not just me) are left without answer. Just like that. Be it in love, friendship or business, it seems like some people are digging holes in our hearts, the hollowness that can be filled only with their explanation of why they did what they did.

We want closure! We crave for reason! Because we think over and over again and cannot find any.

You know what? Maybe the reason is not us. We cannot find it because it is in them.

Lately I read a fella looking for help, here is excerpt of the answer he got:

When you see her, it sounds like the the thoughts that run through your head are things like: "How could she! I am so hurt! Why won't she talk to me?" Flip it around and practice thinking things like "How sad that she has to play games. How sad that she chooses to tolerate people who fuck with people. I pity her."
Quit feeling hurt. Start feeling pity.
You are never going to get a decent explanation from her... so don't try to get it.