durian juice with beer

I drank the most delicious beer ever, it was mixed with juiced durian and sugar at Sriwijaya Foodcourt near Dinoyo area. Consequently it was also the most delicious juice I have ever drank. The foodcourt also sells other juices and food such as meatball, soto, barbecue on stick, etc but I didn't manage to taste them.


Clipping my toenails feels good... My toes feel lighter and cooler afterwards. It's a pity I cannot do it more often, as toenails grow much slower than nails on my hands.

I believe there is an explanation of that difference of growth speed, maybe in books like Why Do Men Have Nipples? - Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask A Doctor After Your Third Martini. Those books' popularity proves that our people have high curiosity over trivial things, to the point that they are willing to pay a price for it.

drupal and smarty

In my journey of learning CMSes, Smarty has the most steep (steepest?) learning curve. Until now I still cannot manage to install it on my computer.

Second place goes to Drupal, so awful, scratching my head deep trying to differentiate regions, zones, sections. Not included setting view up. Aargh!