now is a bad time!

Now is a bad time to take a loan and start your own business, because credit rate is ridiculously high.

Now is a bad time for students who are sent by their rich parents to go study abroad, since rupiah exchange rate becomes more and more insignificant against US dollar.

Now is a bad time for university students in general, I think. Someone said we Indonesians are entering second sequel of monetary crisis, having the first one strucked us 15 years ago. And who says university fee is not expensive?

Now is a bad time to start selling carnal knowledge. Cancel your plan to become some old millionaire's mistress. Many companies will face great difficulties, and when your patron goes bankrupt, what will he use to pay your allowance? Some other time when economy is flourishing, you may consider this occupation. But now is a bad time. If taipans go bankrupt, their mistresses will be left with nothing but bad names and addiction of expensive lifestyle they no longer can afford.

But that being said, now is also a bad time to seek honest job. How can firms hire new blood when they are laying off employees?

Now is a bad time to waste on non-profitting activities. Reduce or omit completely videogaming, except if you work as game reviewer. Besides freeing you some time and money, quit smoking has its health and social benefit. Stop daydreaming and take a second job (if there is one available). Start improving yourself so that you can excel in your main job. See opportunities around you. Yes, even in such bad time, there are vast opportunities around, old and new. Take a slight change in point of view and you will find them.

Whether or not you should stop charity is not on my expertise to say...

However your passion is not a non-profitting activity. Say you like to dance. If we really are going to enter monetary crisis, organizers can't afford top dancers to dance on product launchings, but they can hire less expensive dancers, this is where you go in. This is opportunity. But even if your passion doesn't generate money, they are good for your mental well-being. It gives you sense of accomplishment usually achieved from others' praises; in this bad time nobody has time to notice others' achievements, they are too busy preventing their business from falling. There are only few passions in the world that cost more than the bill of a psychiatrist's service.

... I thought and thought and thought (you could almost hear my brain ticking), still I can't find a bridge from last paragraph to sentence below, but I will write it anyway, I don't want to discard it.

Now is a bad time to be someone other than yourself.