God is giving me clarity of mind and body health, to administer to people, whose safety is on top of His list, whose well-being is in His mind always, whose feelings and emotions He holds dear at heart.

turning eyes away

Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, revive me in Your way.
-- Psalm 119:37 --

One of my childhood memories is going to the cinema with my father. He was fond of sci-fi movies. Sometimes scenes that shows physical intimacy appeared.

If main actor and actress started to kiss, my father would cover my eyes with his hand. My head was very small back then, just his one palm is enough to cover both of my eyes.

To ensure that I really couldn't see the screen, he rested his palm on two points on my face: my forehead and peak of nose. Sometimes I would push front and tease him by batting my eyelashes against his palm. I hoped that he would get ticklish and let go of his hand... Children had it a little uncomfortable for having a big hand on their face...