school of life

Tonight I feel so empty. Not the first time though, and not hoping for same thing happen in the future, but I think it will.

Unless I do something about it. A friend once said, life is a school, and we'd be doing second grade's test, for example, again and again till we get proper mark.

I thought I got an F in Human Relationship. HR's all right, it's Pride I didn't pass.

Another friend was so sure she scored OK at Envy Studies. Well, I was sure abot that too. She's someone you can show everything to, from bonanza cars every now and then to diamond on your wed-finger, and she wouldn't blink an evil eye. However, The Professor's not so sure. Just a little mistake in her answer sheet and ta-da! That friend of mine has been burried in papers for extra points so she will pass. For months.

I just found out that I did mine wrong. No wonder my paper's older than hers.

So tonight, I guess I'll just sent some text messages of forgiveness to some people.