the good guy

I always want to do things without people humming behind me, uttering how stupid my decisions are, how I should do other things instead of this silly little thing nobody would do.

I am always a reader. I want to read all books in the world. And when I watched The Good Guy, something inside me rebelled. This movie tells about a book club whose members are reading Lolita.

I know about Lolita. I have wanted so desperately to read it, but I declined and declined because it's an immoral story. Or so I'm told.

I will believe it no longer. Too many people open their mouth for things they don't know, or in this case, have passion about.

So... On the right side of this blog, I put a list of books i want to read. By any chance you live near me and have those books, be kind and tell me OK! I'll borrow them..