nightmare on ambengan street

In a dream state, your mind mostly loses the ability to criticize anything that's happening because dreaming just doesn't involve the critical part of your brain.
-- 5 Ways To Hack Your Brain Into Awesomeness --

About a week ago I had this awful dream. I was in a dark room, soaked in a pool full of water. The water's not clean, I thought, and the pool's floor and walls were plastered with cement only.

My problems didn't end there. I saw dogs on the water, they looked so fierce. As I nervously walked away from the dogs (the water was only my chest's deep) I slipped and got to the deeper side of the pool, where my toes couldn't touch the floor.

I woke up sweating. What a nightmare!

The next morning I told Christa about my dream. When I got to the part where I fell to the pool's deeper side, she cut my story. "So you weren't able to stand anymore. The pool's deep. What did you do?"

'I swam,' I replied.

"So in a dark, deep pool full of fierce dogs you did survive?"

'I guess so,' I said. All of a sudden my heart warmed up. This friend of mine's sure a national treasure.


Unknown said...

Thank you The. Love you. :*