I saw satellite composite image of Antarctica and its elevation colorized relief and can't help thinking: there's an aligator, or lizard, at top-left of the picture, who seems to be hugging that cold continent. Don't you think so?


The Ridgeways said...

Redwine, you posted on my blog about my chores. I have since found a way that actually works for me and trust me I needed help. The website has tons of info but I bought the book House of Order. In one of the chapters it covers cleaning and has you make a chore box and daily, weekly, monthly, yearly chores. It is amazing, I used to panic if someone dropped by now I could care less, the house is always clean and it doesn't even seem like it was much work, plus I have two kids making messes. My husband, family and friends are amazed. Good luck and chin up, I have learned that cleaning actually really takes more organization than I ever would have thought but once you do it life is sweet!