ding qin, ding hun

"In chinese engagement you may choose, whether you want to give a ring or a necklace to your future daughter-in-law. Giving a ring is called ding hun, giving a necklace is called ding qin."

'What is giving both necklace and ring is called?'

"It is called, a greedy daughter-in-law you're having."


My girl boss dropped a CPU trying to move a table across the room. It's not her CPU, it's my colleague's. It's not her table, either. It's not even her office room! She just passed the window of my colleague's room and disliked the way it was arranged.

The dropped computer make quite a sound when it hit the floor. Later we couldn't turn it on. She's giving me a headache.

what a pity

My lovely cousin was married and I didn't attend the wedding. :(

Seeing the pictures taken by my other cousins is not the same as being there.

jakarta bombing

So sorry for the victims, however there's an internet pal worried about my safety. Here's his messages:

"I heard of the blast. My condolences. I hope u were not affected."

I was unable to check my inbox for a few days. That makes me get this:

"Missed u fellow compatriot. My adventure hasn't been fun without u. I wonder if my adventure is coming to an end. About the bomb blast, I hope u were not affected in any way. My condolences to those who affected."

And one more after I answered to those messages...

"Thank God. I was scared. Pls don't put me to suspense."

Yes. There are Indonesian people who live outside Jakarta. And no, I don't spend weekdays hanging around Ritz-Carlton.

Like I ever spend any days hanging around that awfully expensive hotel. -.-a